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21st  Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

22 Camino Real Winery  Los Lunas

23 Hops & Dough Tap ABQ

27th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

28th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

29th Tamaya 6pm-9pm

30th Mining Museum Dance

Grants, NM  


4th Eastern NM State Fair  Roswell, NM

5th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

6th The Downs ABQ First Turn Lounge

7th Tamaya

8th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 8pm

11th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

12th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

14th Hollow Spirits

18thLava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

19th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

20th The Coyote Country Store Gail, TX Get your tickets

22nd JMA, Grand Ole Opry,

Nashville, TN

26th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

27th & 28th Sky City Casino


2nd Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

3rd Camino Real Winery Los Lunas

8th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

9th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

10th & 11th Lauter Haus

Farmington, NM

15th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

16th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

17th Hollow Spirits ABQ

22nd Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

24th Buffalo Hall Las Vegas, NM  Call for Tickets

25th Tamaya Horse Rehab Gala

29th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm

30th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm


 6th Effing Bar

7th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

13th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

14th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm

15th Hollow Spirits

16th Private Party

20th Uptown Funk WHISKEY WEDNESDAY ABQ 8pm

21st The Dirty Bourbon ABQ

27th Lava Rock ABQ 6pm-9pm

28th Cocina Azul (Paseo) ABQ 6pm-

31st New Years EVE  Camino Real Call for tickets


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